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Somme bay in Picardy

During your camping holiday in Baie de Somme, spend a day in the fresh air, with a total immersion in nature! Baie de Somme is one of the biggest estuaries in northern France, but also, and above all, a sanctuary for the largest colony of harbour seals in France and a unique resting place for thousands of migrating birds. This is a unique region, listed as a Major Site in France, where people have preserved local skills, traditional activities and a seaside heritage, while conserving the area's unspoilt character.

A bay ranked among the most beautiful in the world!

Since 1999, Baie de la Somme has belonged to the very exclusive club of the most beautiful bays in the world, along with Ha Long Bay and San Francisco Bay! Here you can admire a mosaic of colours and decors, changing light and landscapes, and highly diverse natural environments containing exceptional flora and fauna... In this preserved natural environment, there are over 275 listed plant species, with over 100 rare and protected species of high heritage value. In all seasons, there are also nearly 360 species of birds from all over Europe (sea birds, wading birds, ducks, shorebirds, perching birds, birds of prey, etc.) finding a refuge here during the migration period and for nesting. But the high point of your visit will without doubt be the harbour seals and their "cousins" the grey seals, resting on the sand banks at low tide. Baie de Somme is the home of the biggest French colony of harbour seals, which you can observe discreetly with binoculars. Don't forget your digital camera and your zoom lens to bring back great photos from your campsite holiday in Baie de Somme!

Camping dans la Somme

The Marquenterre Park, one of the top bird-watching sites in Europe

Nestling at the heart of the Baie de Somme National Nature Reserve, Marquenterre Park extends over 250 hectares of dunes, forests and marshland. You can follow a nature guide during a visit with a commentary along the three discovery trails in the park. From observation posts you can “spy on” the birds without disturbing them. If you have time, pay a visit to the Baie de Somme Museum in Lanchères, an educational site devoted to life in the estuary and introducing visitors to the fauna and flora on the Picardy coast.

What to see and do near Baie de Somme:

  • Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, with its ramparts and fortified gates, its fishing district and marina.
  • Le Crotoy, an elegant seaside resort with its "Belle Époque" villas and a charming fishing port.
  • Cayeux-sur-Mer, its 14 km of beaches, beach huts and the boardwalk (Chemin de Planche), where visitors can take a stroll and enjoy the easy-going way of life in the area.
Camping dans la Somme